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bloom06fanz's Journal

It's a Brand New Day...
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Constituted by producer/musician Maurizio Lobina and producer/vocalist Gianfranco Randone (aka Jeffrey Jey), Bloom 06 is built on the strong foundation of Italian dance powerhouse Eiffel 65....

A Brief History

Eiffel 65 was formed in September 1998 by Lobina, Randone, and DJ Gabry Ponte. Their first single "Blue (da ba dee)" and debut album "Europop" was a were a worldwide smash #1 sucess. Two more albums would follow: 2001's "Contact" and 2003's self-titled "Eiffel 65"...

In 2002, while still a member of Eiffel 65, Gabry Ponte released his self-titled debut solo CD. 2004's follow up was "Dottor Jekyll and Mr. DJ".

In March 2005, it was announced that Gabry Ponte would be leaving Eiffel 65 "to concentrate more on his solo career". The news shocked Eiffel 65 fans around the world. In June 2006, Lobina and Randone announced that they would be leaving BlissCo., the music company where they had worked for 14 years. This drew more shock and sadness from E65 fans.

But, as is said, all good things must come to an end. As the sun sets on the era of Eiffel 65, it dawns on a new beginning for Lobina and Randone--Bloom 06.

It's a Brand New Day.

Please feel free to visit the sibling community... http://community.livejournal.com/eiffel65foreva/

A Couple of Rules:

#1- NO starting trouble or harassing other members!! I would like to make this community an enjoyable place for all who use it so please be mature. If you have to disagree with another member's point of view that's fine, as long as you keep the drama to a minimum.

#2- NO racial/ethnic/cultural/religious/sexual orientation slurs. (this prettymuch goes hand in hand with #1.)

#3- NO plotting to blow up national/international landmarks.

OK that's it. Go have a good time :-)